Preapproved Dunn Edwards Paint Palette

Many of our members use Dunn Edwards paint. So, to make things faster & easier for our members, the Committee of Architecture and Dunn Edwards have put together a palette of NPOA approved colors from the extensive line of Dunn Edwards paints. This will speed up your paint permit approval process.

In addition Dunn Edwards is offering NPOA members a courtesy discount of up to 37% off on these paints when purchased at one of their Dunn Edwards paint stores.

View the pre-approved Dunn Edwards colors and special discount offer

Click the “Dowload PDF” button under the paint color of your choosing to see the special offer and store locations

It is important to remember:

* You must still get a paint permit ($100), but by selecting a color from this approved palette your repainting application will be automatically approved.

* You do NOT have to use Dunn Edwards paint. You can still select any paint supplier you want, but you must then go through the standard approval process. This Dunn Edwards palette is just provided as a convenience for our members who prefer that brand of paint.

* You are NOT limited to the colors on this palette. You can choose other paint colors from Dunn Edwards (but you won’t get the discount), or any other paint supplier such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc. However you will have to go through the normal approval process (except for Sherwin-Williams approved colors). The NPOA requires exterior paint be a muted desert color, complimentary to your plat/neighborhood with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 20-70 for whatever paint you choose. Don’t worry, the standard NPOA paint permit process is pretty quick & easy.

* Only Dunn Edwards and Sherwin-Williams are providing a discount to NPOA members at this time.