Welcome to the website of the Neighborhood Property Owners' Association of Fountain Hills, Arizona, Inc. (NPOA).

This website was developed to assist property owners within Fountain Hills neighborhoods covered by NPOA guidelines. Not all neighborhoods in Fountain Hills are affiliated with the NPOA. To find out whether your property is located within NPOA jurisdiction, check the Jurisdiction section of this website.

The NPOA was formed as an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation in 1992 by Fountain Hills residents dedicated to preserving the beauty of local neighborhoods by upholding the development guidelines initiated by McCulloch Properties, the master developer of Fountain Hills. You can find out more about the history of the NPOA here

These guidelines serve as standards for architectural development and are codified in the Neighborhood Development Guide, which is enforced by the Association's primary working committee-the Neighborhood Committee of Architecture (NCOA).

The NCOA, which meets at 8:45 a.m. every Tuesday, maintains architectural control of Member plats. This entails review of building plans for new construction and all other architectural alterations, including but not limited to repainting, demolitions, remodels/additions, porches, patios, walls, fences, solar, pools, awnings, gazebos, BBQs, etc. Appropriate permit fees and compliance deposits apply. The NPOA does not provide Members with insurance.

The NPOA is not a homeowners association (HOA) or Planned Community, as defined by Arizona's Planned Community Act, and collects no regular dues or assessments from Member property owners. The NPOA is an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation with authority to enforce deed restrictions.

The Association's authority is rooted in its recorded Declaration of Reservations, which applies to all plats under NPOA jurisdiction-some 4,400 lots in Fountain Hills. The Declaration of Reservations is a contract, the terms of which are deemed accepted by property owners upon taking ownership. The Declaration of Reservations is part of the deed and is included in the title package.

Participation in the NPOA is not voluntary. If a lot is within NPOA jurisdiction, the property owner is a Member of the NPOA-even though he or she may not have participated in the plat's original vote to join the Association. Members enjoy the benefits and protections afforded by the NPOA and must follow the Neighborhood Development Guide during initial construction and later maintenance or improvement of their property.

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Office Closing Early October 24th & 26th

The NPOA Office will be closing at 11 AM on Monday October 24th & Wednesday October 26th due to medical appointments for our Executive Director. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

New Transfer Fee Amount

The NPOA Board of Directors & Delegates approved an increase to the Title Transfer Fee on September 24, 2016.

The new fee is $335

This new amount will go into effect November 1, 2016.

Sales that have already entered escrow prior to November 1, 2016 are not effected. They are subject to the old rate of $175.

Are you a member?

If you are not sure if you are an NPOA member you can find out by looking up which plat your lot is in.

One way of checking if your lot in in an NPOA plat is to use our new plat map. The areas colored in green are within the NPOA.

If you already know your plat, use our Jurisdiction page plat list.

Still not sure? Give our office a call at 480-837-5317.

New Board Meeting Time

The NPOA Board of Directors monthly meetings will now be starting at 8 AM. The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month.

Saturday Hours Discontinued

We're sorry, our office will no longer be open Saturdays.
Note: An after-hours drop box is available.

Transfer Fee

As of March 1, 2012, the Neighborhood Property Owners' Association of Fountain Hills, Arizona, Inc. implemented a Buyer's Administrative Fee (Transfer Fee) of $175 payable upon close of escrow for properties within NPOA jurisdiction.
The NPOA is not a Planned Community as defined by Arizona's Planned Community Act. It is an Arizona Non-Profit Corporation with authority to enforce deed restrictions and has implemented this fee pursuant to the Non-Profit Corporation Act, A.R.S. Section 10-3302(16).

Get Involved

The success of every community rests on involvement of its residents. If you are an NPOA Member and are interested in any of the following areas of service, please contact the NPOA office at (480) 837-5317:

Committee of Architecture
Board of Directors
Member Outreach
Delegate Liaison
Will Volunteer where Needed