Plat Jurisdiction & Membership Inquiries

One way to determine if your lot falls under NPOA / NCOA jurisdiction is to locate your Plat number. A Plat is a large tract of land which contains smaller tracts of land called Blocks, which contain even smaller tracts of land called lots. Your home is built on one of those lots. Your Plat, Block and lot number can usually be found within your legal documents, title report, survey, etc., from when you purchased your home or lot. A list of the Plats that NPOA / NCOA cover is located below. If your Plat matches any of the numbers, your property is under NPOA / NCOA jurisdiction.

Another way to determine whether your property falls under NPOA / NCOA jurisdiction is to view this plat map. The map is a large PDF file (3.3 MB). You can enlarge it and find your street and lot. The areas colored in green are within the NPOA.
Download and view the map by clicking here

If you are still uncertain whether your property falls under NPOA / NCOA jurisdiction then contact our office by email or phone.

The following plats have elected to come under the jurisdiction of the NPOA.
Click here to view recording numbers.

107 203 204
210 303 401-B
403-A 403-B 411
412-B 422 423
428 505-A 505-B
505-C 505-D 506-A
506-B 506-C 511
516 601-A 601-B
601-C 601-D 602-A
602-B 602-C 602-D
603-A 603-B 603-C
604-B 604-C 604-D
605-B 605-C 605-D
701 701-A 704
Including properties located within the following Homeowners Associations:
Cimber Point Estates Dittler Emerald Mesa
Fountain Hills Fairway Golden Eagle Estates Kingstree Village
Las Torres Lion’s Gate Sirocco
Stoneridge South Stoneridge South II Villa d’Este

Plat Delegates

If you would like to contact your plat delegate but you do not have their contact information, use this form:

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