Meeting Schedule

Due to COVID-19 concerns NPOA Board and Committee of Architecture meetings are being held via Zoom video conferencing.

The Zoom meeting ID changes for each meeting. Call our office to get the Zoom ID.
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Board of Directors

The NPOA Board of Directors meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 16810 Avenue of the Fountains Suite 119. The meetings start at 09:00 AM. All NPOA lot owners are welcome to attend, but due to the size of the room and agenda constraints, please contact the office via email or call 480-837-5317 to let the staff know you will be attending.

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Committee of Architecture

The Committee of Architecture (NCOA) meets every Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM at 16810 Avenue of the Fountains Suite 119. As with the NPOA Board, the Committee has a full agenda and visitors discussing different issues, so please contact the office via or call 480-837-5317 to let the staff know you will be attending.

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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This is the meeting where the Delegates elect the Board of Directors and vote on any bylaws changes. The Treasurer also presents the financial report. There is also a time dedicated to hearing any concerns, comments or suggestions from the membership. Notices are sent out to all Delegates with the agenda, date, time, and location. As with the other meetings, all NPOA members are welcome to attend. The Annual General meeting is held on or about the third week of March. Notices of this meeting will be posted on this website as well as in the local newspaper weeks in advance. If you have any questions regarding this meeting feel free to contact our office.

2021 AGM Presentation


NPOA 2021 AGM Presentation Notice

Previous Annual General Meeting Minutes

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