Holiday Lights Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the 8th Annual NPOA Holiday Lights Contest

Below are two Honorable Mentions

If you would like to see them in person, download our driving map below.

The NPOA Board of Directors & Committee of Architecture thanks everyone who participated and all of the homeowners who took the time to decorate their homes for the holidays. Thank You for making Fountain Hills an even more beautiful place to live.

Holiday Lights Drive Map

NPOA Fountain Hills Holiday Lights Driving Tour Map

Check out all the top contenders in our Holiday Lighting Contest for yourself

Download the driving map here

Holiday Lighting Contest


Download entry form here

All entries must be received by 12 Noon on December 14, 2018

Fabulous prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place

The competition is open to all NPOA Member property owners.
NPOA Board of Directors members, Neighborhood Committee of Architecture members, NPOA staff and their families are not eligible to enter.

Complete and return this form to our office
Contact the NPOA office via email: or phone (480) 837-5317 to nominate yourself or your neighbor

Entries will be judged on:
  • Unique design and creative use of lights and decorations
  • Storyline or theme
  • Display and placement of decorations animated objects etc.
  • Overall presentation

Judging will take place on December 15, 16, and 17, and the winner will be announced on Dec 21st and posted on the NPOA website

For questions please email the NPOA office at

Community Expo Prize Winners

The winners of the drawing at the Community Expo are:

  • Clayton Corey - Electric One Touch Peppermill
  • James & Maria Chase - Trunk and cargo organizer
  • J. Grady - NPOA Bag, T-shirt, bird feeder

Halloween in the Hills

We had a great time handing out candy and meeting many of our homeowners.

When: Tuesday, October 31st, 7:30 AM
Where: Avenue of the Fountains in Fountain Hills

If you would like to volunteer at our booth, contact: Kim

Make a Difference Day

When: Saturday, October 27, 7:30 AM
Where: Golden Eagle Park, 15900 E. Golden Eagle Blvd. in Fountain Hills

Awesome team now forming! Your NPOA is inviting you to join us on Make a Difference Day to help a deserving NPOA community member improve their aesthetics (probably landscaping work). Do you have a few hours on Saturday, October 27, 7:30 AM to join us? We had a super fun time last year, lots of laughs.. and as a bonus we didn't need to visit the gym for a few days
Contact: Kim or 480-837-5317 to let her know you are in.

2018 Annual General Meeting

2017 Holiday Home Lighting Contest Winners

It's a three-way tie this year! The NPOA judges awarded all the winners the same prizes.

15503 Palomino

11017 Royal Court

17418 Caliente

The prizes

Honorable Mentions
16678 Aspen
9238 Firebrick
15628 Tepee

The NPOA Board of Directors thanks all the residents who took the time and effort to put up holiday lights, including those who are not members of the NPOA. Your hard work and creativity in putting together such wonderful lighting displays continues to enhance the beauty of Fountain Hills neighborhoods.

Holiday Home Lighting Contest

Letters to Santa Claus

The NPOA sponsored a Letters to Santa Claus event at the December 2nd Stroll in the Glow

Holiday Events

The NPOA will be participating in the Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade

November 23rd at 9 AM
To learn more about this event visit:

The NPOA elves will be on hand at the
Fountain Hills Stroll in the Glow on December 2nd
hosting the NPOA Express - Letters to Santa mailbox

The NPOA will again be sponsoring a Christmas Angel Tree

    To participate:
  • Stop by our office and pick a Christmas Angel ornament from the tree.
  • It will list information about the child and what they want for Christmas.
  • Purchase the gifts listed on the angel ornament.
  • Bring them back to our office for pick-up by the Salavation Army.
  • Salavation Army will distribute your gifts to the needy child.

For more information contact our office at 480-837-5317
or via email at
To learn more about this event visit:

NPOA Busy At Fall Events

Halloween in the Hills:


Make a Difference Day:


Raffle Winners

Here are the winners from the NPOA raffle at the Chamber of Commerce Community Expo:

Ticket # Name Prize
4123923 Angela Flashlight
4123930 Angie Suns Jersey
4123922 Jeff NPOA T-Shirt

Fall Events

Fall is a busy time of year in Fountain Hills. The NPOA is proud to be a part of the community and will be participating in the following events. If you would like to volunteer to participate with the NPOA at one or more of these events, stop by the office or give us a call at 480-837-5317. This is a great way to meet NPOA members & staff.
We'll see you at the following events:

2017 Fountain Hills Community Expo
October 25, 2017 3 pm - 6 pm

Town of Fountain Hills Make a Difference Day
October 28th, 2017

Halloween in the Hills
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 4 pm - 8 pm

Thanksgiving Day parade
November 23, 2017 9am

Finance Committee Report

Date & location: June 8, 2017, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the NPOA office, Ave of the Fountains.

Committee Members: Jana Palmer (Treasurer, Delegate Plat 411, Chair) Nancy Paul-Stahl (Board Member), Allyn Wright (Board President), Dan Mehosky (NCOA, Delegate), Rick Melendez (Community Member ), Bill Pape (Delegate), Spencer Plotkin (Delegate), Kim Roberson (Exec Director), Martha Iskyan (Board Member, Alt Delegate), Susan Dempster (Board Member, Delegate), Frank Doolittle (Delegate), Paul Kostura (Delegate)

The goal of this meeting was to discuss the creation, funding, maintenance and use of a proposed Reserve Fund for the NPOA.

Agenda/Meeting Focus

  • Review need for a Reserve Account
  • Review NPOA Assets and Budget
  • Set Recommended Reserve Fund amount, funding sources and guidelines for use and maintenance


  • The Committee agreed a Reserve Fund was needed to protect the organization from an economic downturn or unexpected expenses.
  • The Committee recommended an initial reserve fund balance of $45,000 which represents approximately 6 months of budgeted expenses.
  • The Committee recommended that over time the Reserve Fund be increased to 1 year of budgeted expenses.
  • The initial funding will come from the operating checking account, any additional funding will come from existing revenue sources as budget surpluses are achieved. The minimum recommended deposit to the account, to achieve the 1 year of funding, should be $1000 quarterly.
  • The Committee prepared for the Board, a guideline document that outlines the funding, maintenance and uses for the Reserve Fund.

Presented to NPOA Board of Directors 6/14/2017

25th Annual General Meeting

Meeting Highlights

The 25th Annual General Meeting of the NPOA was held on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 9 AM at the Fountain Hills Community Center located at 13001 N La Montana Drive.

Guest Speaker: Mayor Kavanagh
The Mayor spoke about new housing & development areas in the Town as well as a summary of the Town budget and the new noise ordinance. Of particular interest to some of the NPOA was the measures the Town is taking to inventory and assess short-term rentals (e.g. AirBnB), which the Mayor explained are subject to a bed tax (hotel/motel rental tax), but very difficult to find & keep track of. A good amount of money is starting to be collected from this. The Mayor answered question from the group and was presented with flowers by the Association.

NPOA President: Martha Iskyan PhD. The President delivered a report that explained the origin of the NPOA as well as some of the unique challenges it has faced in its 25 year history. She acknowledged that the volunteers on the Board of Directors and the Committee of Architecture face many difficulties due to the unique nature of the NPOA as well as it's large size. She recognized and honored attendees who have previously served on either the Board or the Committee of Architecture.

Committee of Architecture Chair: Tim Patterson Tim explained how the Committee of Architecture (COA) works, when it meets and how it tries to work impartially with everyone. He said we all came to Fountain Hills because it was such a beautiful area and was sure we all agreed we want to keep it that way. He explained some of the difficult decisons they make and how they try to get compliance without resorting to fines except as a last resort. He then presented the COA statistics and showed a few photos of the typical complaints & violations the COA receives, and then the results of their interventions.

Treasurer: Bill Pape The Treasurer explained how & why the Treasurer's Report differs from the Financial Review which is conducted annually by an outside accounting firm. Although both reports are very close in final numbers, Bill explained that the account used GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) but our internal system uses standard QuickBooks. An example of the difference is that the accountant's review shows "Contributed services" which is the value of the inspections performed by the Committee of Architecture. He showed the actual 2016 income & expenses and the planned budget for 2017. He explained how the income projection was using an estimate of title transfers from the last 3 years, but using an average of title transfers from 15 years could mean the NPOA would have to use some of its reserve savings.

Nominating Committee Chair: Arnie Rohrer Arnie introduced & thanked the members of the Nominating Committee and then presented the slate of 9 candidates for the Board of Directors. The candidates were: Ed Bandyk (Plat 505C), Jennifer Cromer (Plat 604B), Susan Dempster (Plat 604C), Martha Iskyan PhD (Plat 505A), Jana Palmer (Plat 411), Tim Patterson (Plat 602D), Nancy Paul-Stahl (Plat 602D), John Rolfe (Plat 403A) & Allyn Wright (Plat 505C). Arnie then called for nominations from the floor; there were no nominations from the floor so he asked for a vote by show of hands to elect the slate of candidates. The vote carried. Congratulations & best wishes to our new Board!

Call to Public Call to the Public is the time for any members of the NPOA to speak to the Board of Directors, Delegates & any other members attending on any matter of concern, be it a complaint, compliment or suggestion for improvement. Although we would always like to see more members attending, the Board feels this was a well attended & productive meeting.

Annual General Meeting

You're Invited!!!

The 25th Annual General Meeting of the NPOA will be held on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 9 AM at the Fountain Hills Community Center located at 13001 N La Montana Drive.

Guest Speaker: Mayor Kavanagh

Delegate Check In 8:30 - 9 AM, the meeting begins at 9 AM

The Annual General Meeting is open to all NPOA members.

Please RSVP by April 17, 2017 if you plan on attending.

View Meeting Agenda

View the minutes from last year's Annual General Meeting


The NPOA Executive Director Kim Robertson attended the Fountain Hills Connect Networking Breakfast on Thursday March 16, 2017.

Pictured are Paul Perreault Jr. Chair of the FH Chamber of Commerce & Kim Robertson NPOA Executive Director.

Fountain Hills Connect one-hour structured networking program is designed to give you access to local business professionals, leaders and newsmakers in Fountain Hills and the greater Scottsdale area.

Fountain Hills Community Garden Ribbon Cutting

Some of the NPOA members celebrating the Community Garden Ribbon Cutting on Saturday March 11th:

Pictured (left to right) are:
Jana Palmer Realtor, NPOA Delegate
Allyn Wright- NPOA Board of Directors
Dr. Jyoti Patel FHCG Director
Susan Dempster FHCG Director, Realtor, NPOA Delegate
Jennifer Willigrod FHCG Director and FHCCG President
Kim Robertson - NPOA Executive Director

Find out more about the Fountain Hills Community Garden

Fountain Hills Mayor to Speak at 2017 AGM

The Honorable Linda Kavanagh, Mayor of Fountain Hills will be the guest speaker at the 25th Annual General meeting of the NPOA on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 9 AM at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

NPOA Attends Mayor's State of the Town Address

The NPOA Executive Director Kim Robertson attended the 2017 Fountain Hills State of the Town Address presented by the Fountain Hills Mayor on Saturday February 16th.

If you were unable to attend this informative presentation, you can watch a video of the State of the Town address using the link below.

Holiday Home Lighting Contest Winners

So many good displays! It was tougher than usual to pick the winners.
See our contest page to see the winners.

NPOA Sponsors Salvation Army Angel Tree

The NPOA is proud to participate in this year's Salvation Army Angel Tree program, which delivers holiday gifts of new toys & clothing to needy local children. If you want to help brighten a child's holidays, stop by the NPOA office, pick up a "wish card" and adopt an "Angel." Gifts must be new and unwrapped and must be returned to the NPOA office by December 14. Your donation is tax deductible.

NPOA 6th Annual Holiday Home Lighting Contest

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